Flight Attendants Gone Wild

Passenger abuse at its worst…

Here we go again y’all! Maybe there is something in the water that only poisons flight attendants because they have been acting quite irate lately. In the last few weeks, the media has been plagued with the United Airlines passenger debacle in which airline employees chose a random gentleman to man-handle and then drag off the plane. Continue reading “Flight Attendants Gone Wild”


United Airlines Passenger Beat Down, Violently Dragged Off Plane

Fly the friendly skies, but will get your azz whooped if you get out of line.

Have you guys viewed the disturbing video of a United Airline customer being violently dragged off an airplane? Users of Twitter and Facebook were outraged after watching the viral video of an Asian man getting his azz whooped for the crime of…well, he didn’t actually commit a crime. Continue reading “United Airlines Passenger Beat Down, Violently Dragged Off Plane”