How To Draw A Cartoon Tutorial

Bored? Participate in a YouTube tutorial…

I participated in this tutorial when I was bored as hell last weekend, and I was pretty proud of myself. It was so relaxing!

Don’t Let Your President Get Your Ass Whooped

The country didn’t expect Donald Trump to win the Presidency, but he won fair and square.

The country didn’t expect Donald Trump to win the Presidency, but he won fair and square. It is time to move forward and give him a chance to fulfill all the nonsense he promised during the campaign. It’s not clear if he will follow through with all promises made, but what is clear is the fact that closet racists, alcoholics, and drug addicts have all decided that since Donald Trump is the president, that it’s okay to subject people of color to their racism and utter rudeness.

These two videos are not the only ones featuring Trump supporters going smooth off because they feel discriminated against for being white. Again, this is Trump’s America and he ran on a nationalistic platform. But I’m gonna say this clearly, don’t let the president get your ass whooped because you acting ignorant. If someone approaches me talking crap about Trump and I’m not at work, I’m gonna start screaming at the top of my lungs and yell, “Help me, save me from the deplorables.” Yeah, I said it. These basket cases are deplorable human beings and will eventually run into the wrong person. There are many people who have no problem with being arrested for assault. However, violence will not solve anything, but it will damn sure make you feel good in the moment.


Joe Scarborough Goes In Biotch!

I Don’t Like Mens Anymore

“I don’t like mens no more.”

“I will love a women.”

I’m all for people changing their lives on their own terms, but I just don’t think this was truly a good decision. He not even comfortable using the word women and dating in the same sentence hence the¬†incorrect usage. What straight man you know has to say women five damn times to prove his love of the opposite sex? And I know there are some gay people out there a little pissed that he generalized gay men as wearing purses and makeup. WTH? Did you notice that he started speaking as if he were possessed when talking about “mens“?

Life is a damn circus yall!

Breastfeeding Your Pets


I ran across this nonsense on Facebook and was immediately disgusted with the image of a woman breastfeeding a dog. I am an advocate for breastfeeding, and even breastfeeding in public, but feeding a pup from your own tit is just a little too much. Please don’t tell me you guys agree with this. I¬†was more disturbed that those who commented on the video thought this was acceptable.

Common Responses:

“A mother nurturing a baby. We humans drink milk from animals. Whats the difference here?”

“If y’all think that’s weird what about us drinking cow or & goats milk but that puppy is sucking the shit out off breast though…”

“For all we know, this is a dumped new born pup. Perhaps this was the only way to feed the pup? Besides…we drink cows milk. But I suppose that is ok? And, yes, she could have expressed into a bowl, but a young pup like this may not have been able to drink from a bowl. Perhaps she could have used an eyedropper. It’s hardly THAT offensive though guys. Look around.”